Today’s Lunar Guidance For Moon Into Taurus 


Moon is moving into Taurus, Melbourne, Australia Wednesday May 20.

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Today is a great time to nourish our souls through the doorways of the senses.

– Look upon natural beauty

– Gift yourself a sacred beauty treatment with natural ingredients

– Reconnect with the pulse of the Great Mother by sitting silently outdoors

– Inhale the negative ions of nature in the fresh air of a forest or beach to de-stress your nervous system

– make yourself a rainbow salad or juice using fresh ingredients

This is the window to remember we can choose to fill our cup to overflowing with acts of self love.

Rather than seeking ‘the one’ who will soothe all the wounds of the child within, we can return to the embrace of existence through communing with the natural world…soothing the magical child that life is beautiful, if we just take the time to attune our awareness & allow ourselves the time to create acts of beauty in our own waking world. 


We are here to be the embodiment of sacred love. If this becomes a priority we give to ourselves by transcending the saboteur who says ‘I don’t have the time or the money for that’ we will find ourselves living in the land of the Gods.



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Blessings on your day,