Today’s Lunar Guidance For Moon In Taurus 


Moon is now waning Taurus which will see most of us putting more creative thought into what we’re going to cook & eat.



Those of you who are fire signs may read this & say, ‘isn’t food just the fuel I put in my tank to keep going?’ Whereas those who have Taurus heavily aspected in their chart may have been planning food combinations for dinner for the past two hours. 


This is also a great window to do those self-maintenance things to keep your body feeling tip top, such as cleaning ears, exfoliating, toenail clipping & polishing…you get the idea :)


Doing these small things, says ‘I love you’ – this fills our cup so we feel more loving towards those around us. When we neglect basic self-care we feel just as miserly towards others. So if your libido has been lagging – start with some self-grooming & watch your inner Aphrodite return!


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 Honour yourself everyday in every way.



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Blessings to your day,