Moon in Taurus

May 11, 2021

Today’s Lunar Guidance for Moon in Taurus

The moon is currently waning in Taurus, so regardless of your personal horoscope as the moon transits through this sign endeavour to be mindful of what you consume on all levels, asking yourself, ‘Is this truly beneficial for my growth or merely something to fill the void?’ Why? 
Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac mandala. It’s when we awaken to our sensual nature and realise we are energy beings (Aries) with a physical body and reality to explore. If we become over-identified with the physical to the exclusion of all other perceptions and realities, our consciousness becomes so dense that we only trust physical proof as a means of validating what is real.

This has been the paradigm in which most of us were raised. Our challenge now is to expand our awareness of existence to include all of our senses – the subtle senses we perceive through attuning to our inner self balanced by the information we take in through our earthly 5 senses. 

As our multi-dimensional awareness grows and expands in the collective it is understandable we also will experience a kick back response from those still operating in 3D (perceiving life through the bottom three chakras of the lower self). This takes the form of ‘myth busting’ articles touting scientific evidence to dismiss, debunk and attempt to invalidate that which they cannot comprehend via the 10% rational mind.

In this Information Age, we must remain ever vigilant to exercise discernment in all that we take in. Do not hand your inner authority over under any circumstance. Trust your knowing, your feeling above all else for the intelligence residing in all layers of our multi-dimensional bodies is our ultimate vehicle for navigating a clear path of truth.

The moon is now waning making this a great time for reflection and the getting of wisdom…so if you’re over scrolling through Netlfix trying to find something positive and uplifting check out my 3 part video series, Ancient Wisdom. Includes: Navigating Life’s Downward Spirals, The Secret to Ageing Well and The Art of Sacred Union. Check it out here

Blessings on your day,




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