Moon is void for a couple of hours as she moves into Taurus so you may notice where you are felling stuck or stubbornly resisting change…particularly if you have a lot of Taurus in your birth chart.

Taurus lunar transits highlight what we’re holding on to – like a child seeking comfort & security from a teddy bear. So identify what you are most afraid of losing – as this has power over you for your identity is deeply invested in your association with it. Next, close your eyes & consider yourself without this person, this role, assets, project, wealth, status etc. Notice any feeling, self-doubts or insecurities this triggers. When we face our fears they have no power over us. This frees us to enjoy what we have in gratitude, without clinging so tightly to it for fear of losing it.

That said, if your inner child is feeling really triggered, much better to hug a teddy & have a chat internally with her than reach for a bottle of wine, cheesecake or joint!

If it’s been a long time since you checked in with your inner child, you may find you have become increasingly demanding on those around you in an unconscious attempt to be parented by others.

To reconnect with your inner child find a photo of yourself at a young age & telepathically talk to your younger self & ask questions to gauge the current needs of your inner child which underpin some of your unconscious behaviours. You may also like to invite your inner child to draw with your left hand to express themselves. With moon in Taurus, the sign of our inner girl – this is a great day to do something fun!

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