Moon is now void as she makes her way from Aries into Taurus where she’ll arrive later today.

As the moon arrives in Taurus, try not to be too fixed or stubborn like an immovable rock – remember, life is holographic so you will attract reflections of obstinacy if you don’t observe & self-correct.

Yes, those with Taurus heavily aspected in their natal chart (Taurus sun, moon or ascendant or lots of planets in the second house ruled by Taurus) will need to be extra mindful of this tendency but all of us, regardless of our personal astrological chart can fall into the shadow behaviour of the sign that the moon is in…& ultimately that is our lesson; to embody the strengths of each sign as we move around the mandala every month to become whole.

Taurus is an Earth sign. A sign which brings stability so we can build strong foundations. So if you’ve been feeling like you’re floundering in some way this sure & steady sign will help you address the practicalities.

For those with a lot of Taurus energy, just remember reality is fluid, so we must be too if we want to embrace all that life has to offer. If your body is telling you you haven’t been adopting a ‘go with the flow’ attitude in the form of stiffness & soreness, get in your nearest water source to embrace the opposite sign of Scorpio, a water sign for balance.

Turtle embodies today’s lesson beautifully. Such powerful, wise beings – a good day to invoke the essence of their majesty as your travelling partner. I once had the privilege of having a Mother Turtle lunge out of the water & look so deep into my gaze I was penetrated by her essence. Unforgettable & humbling to be in the presence of animals with such vast consciousness.

Blessings on your day,


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