Moon in Virgo

Dec 16, 2022

Today’s Lunar Guidance for Moon in Virgo. 

The moon is in its last quarter in Virgo which puts the spotlight on our working life.   

So if we’re feeling disgruntled in any way about working conditions, this transit is likely to make us aware of the effect our work is having on our emotions and psyche, forcing us to take action.  

Since Virgo is the most humble of signs those with a lot of Virgo in their birth chart (or a lot of planets in the 6th house which is ruled by Virgo) can be very conscientious workers and give more than they get in terms of fair renumeration.  

Those with Virgo heavily aspected in their charts are often drawn to the service professions like nursing, teaching, hospitality, care-giving (waged or non-waged) and those in the holistic sector. So it’s not a surprise these are also the industries which are underpaid despite them being essential to a functioning society. Similarly, those working in the private sector in these industries still struggle with asking for a fair exchange due to a strong urge to serve and cultural prejudices.  

Being of service is different to being a servant – the former stands tall with dignity ensuring their own needs are equally met so they can sustain their output, whereas the latter is stooped, placing the needs of the other before their own which is not sustainable.  

Many dream of leaving their rat-on-a-wheel ‘wage slave’ existence only to recreate it as someone who is self-employed…but a slave to their business because their underlying beliefs are what needs shifting.  

Fortunately, Virgo moon gives us the motivation to improve our current situation. So if you’re feeling like a pack horse, running stories like ‘If I don’t do it, it won’t get done’ on the home front or ‘I work hard for the money’ in your professional life, it’s time to review limiting beliefs that keep you in a pattern of doing more than your fair share. This can flip us into resentment and martyrdom: Shadow Pisces. 

Yes! The opposite sign of Virgo is Pisces, so if we’re really out of balance with our expression of Virgo (regardless of our horoscope) during a Virgo transit, we’ll swing into the shadow of the opposite sign.  

Blessings on your day,  


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