Moon is void of course then entering  Virgo later today so you might get a renewed urge to resume a yoga practice, exercise routine or improve your diet!
This is because Virgo is the sign that governs our health and well being, as it is an Earth sign that teaches us to honor our bodies as a sacred vessel for Spirit.
Having our inner self (governed by the moon sign) in Virgo means we can commit  to what we need to do for our health without feeling any pull of opposites.
We are still experiencing the Equinox (Autumn Equinox if you’re in the Northern hemisphere / Spring
Equinox if you’re in the Southern hemisphere). This will bring to the fore what is out of balance in your life and
highlight what, in your relationships needs to be addressed to find a harmonious balance of opposites.
Interdependence can only occur between two empowered and sovereign individuals…we are all learning to do this after what has been modeled for us is either the extremes of co-dependence or independence.

We are all ‘in relationship’ even if not in a monogamous sexual relationship, so we will learn these lessons with family members, friends, housemates, work colleagues if not with an intimate other. We are all in a process of learning how to co-operate. To do this we need to first get clear on what we need as individuals.
The sun move into Libra, the sign of partnerships so is asking us to ask ourselves, ‘what do I need to feel sovereign and whole as an individual?’ As a healthy relationship can only occur between two sovereign beings.
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Creating Sacred Union in Partnerships

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Creating Sacred Union in Partnerships

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