Moon in Virgo

Feb 9, 2023

Moon in Virgo 

Today’s Lunar Guidance for Moon in Virgo 

Moon is in the final degrees of Virgo, going void from 5.39pm to 7.46pm Sydney time.  

Moon moves into Libra at 7.47pm.  

(A void moon is when the moon is moving through the final degrees of a sign and without making any aspects to other planets.)  

(To see that in your local time, click here)  

Virgo moon asks us ‘what does a divine reality look for me?’ 

Virgo represents our desire to manifest the divine design in the physical.  

The closer we are to the creative source of life, the more divine our reality will become.  

So if you’ve experienced a shake-up & become all too aware of what problems need to be addressed in your life, moon in Virgo is an ideal time to state your gratitude to the divine plan & invoke the help of your unseen guides & angels to usher in practical help to repair & clean up what isn’t working.  

The Universal Law of Free Will states unless we ask for help, our unseen guides and support networks cannot grant assistance.  

A word to the wise –  

The desire for a divine life can get hijacked by the head & drive us to become obsessed with creating perfection & being perfect in everything we do, projecting that expectation upon others.  


The road to hell can also be ridden by vegan yoginis on mopeds with a militant attitude of righteousness.  

Here’s the antidote for that little beasty we call perfectionism…  

Communion with ‘all that is’ within is the foundation for divine synthesis in all that we do externally in our physical world.  

So, if you’re not starting your day with a practice to tune in & connect, THIS is the window to start that powerful habit to calm the inner critic.  

Doesn’t matter what your personal practice looks like, just do what works for you.  

Virgo is symbolised by a sheaf of wheat representing how important it is we attend to that which sustains us; our health & wellbeing on ALL levels.  

Blessings on your day,   



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