The moon is in Virgo  so consider what you can do to restore a sense of sacred space so you start the next new lunar cycle from a clear place. Why?
Virgo is the sign of sacred space. If we don’t feel as if we have our own affairs in order it impacts the quality of all our relationships. Similarly, if we haven’t had enough headspace to come back to ourselves & feel sovereign we will resent time spent with others as an intrusion…which they will undoubtedly feel even if not overtly expressed. (Children are especially sensitive to this & it has the power to impact their self-worth).
The lesson of this moon is asking ourselves what we can do to take positive initiatives which will create harmony, cooperation & balance in all our interactions with others.

As always, it starts with us. So do what you can to take time out, clean up or sort whatever is clouding your judgement so your decisions & communications come from a place of clarity.

Blessings on your day,