Moon is now in Virgo so don’t be surprised is the urge to clean like a banshee hits! Since the moon is now waning (diminishing), this is a great time to clear stuff out of your life that could be better used elsewhere…keep the energy flowing!
Virgo also governs sacred space, so the urge to clean represents an urge to reclaim a sense of sanctuary. After all, one doesn’t feel like lighting candles and incense if there is piles of unsorted crap waving at you from every nook & cranny.
The need for sacred space may also rise up as a need to unplug from phones & social media this week (been clearing clutter & gardening). In the native American tradition, it was considered perfectly fine to ignore someone scratching on your tipi if you didn’t feel social, as culturally they were raised to honor one’s need for sacred space. However in our fast paced, high tech world we can feel duty bound to respond to every text, post or email as soon as it is received. This creates pressure 24/7 to be ‘on’ like a machine – this is not healthy for us as organic beings with souls. So if you feel the need to unplug – listen!

Blessings on your day,



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