Moon is still in Virgo so you’re likely to feel happiest getting everything in order…both on the home front & at work. So use this window to sort and file all the papers and emails that accumulate just by the sheer fact we exist. Doing this helps to restore calm if we’re feeling overwhelmed by how much information is demanding our attention in this ‘Information Age’.

A lunar transit through Virgo is also the most productive time to do those jobs which require attention to detail, such as bookkeeping. There was a huge response to yesterday’s post as many of you felt the Virgo influence and responded by doing the big jobs around the house, such as clearing spider webs, window cleaning or clearing roof gutters of leaves – the things that only get done once or twice a year. This is really great to do during the changing seasons of Autumn / Spring when the most movement & growth occurs both internally & externally, so clearing stagnant energies in our surroundings supports us to make big internal shifts that promote our growth and well being.
For example, when you clear old stagnant energies around the house, you then feel more inclined to wake earlier, do yoga, exercise and eat better. So don’t be surprised if after your Spring / Autumn Cleaning frenzy over the weekend, you then feel the urge to clean out your plumbing with a detoxifying juice / broth fast.
If you do decide to do a cleanse, consider doing it with a friend or your partner for support and clear your schedule so you can give yourself a mini retreat to bring inner and outer self into alignment with yoga, meditation, journaling and time in nature.

Blessings on your day,




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