The moon is still waning in Virgo, so whatever health issues have been patiently waiting to be addressed NOW is the time to take action as Virgo is the sign that governs health.
The corporate culture over the past 200 years has created a global downward trajectory in every sense, but especially in regards to our collective health as profits have been increasingly prioritised over our authentic human needs, creating a pandemic of illness rather than wellness.
‘The average person consumes 150 pounds of sugar per year–compared to just 7 ½ pounds consumed on average in
the year 1700.’ Dr Mehmet Oz Sugar creates hunger. So the more we consume the more we want, like ‘The Hungry Little Caterpillar’. The more empty calories we consume that provide a rush of endorphins but leave us feeling lethargic and moody, the less present we are to make healthy choices, creating a self-defeating merry-goround.
So with constant seduction techniques employed by savvy online marketing that monitor our online behaviour & target us & our kids it takes a vigilant & concerted conscious effort to resist & take responsibility for our health & our families.
The more we take back our power to choose rather than just  being swept up in the current of what everyone else seems to be doing, such as giving their kids caffeinated sugary drinks or spending hours staring at screens, the more empowered we feel as a sacred & sovereign being unto ourselves. The less toxic our bodies, the less toxic our emotions & the clearer our minds. Clear vessels are less easily manipulated – illustrating that these days, ensuring our good health is the ultimate activism based on self-love.
Love will overcome. Stay tuned for my 21 day Self Love Program launching this new moon! Resources
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