Moon is still waxing in Virgo so you may feeling like you need a healing / spa treatment.

Virgo reminds us that if all is not well within us, we need to remove ourselves from the demands of everyday life & seek sanctuary in a space dedicated to health, healing & wholeness where we can attend to our needs. Only by taking this time can we return better able to respond to the needs of others. So much of what’s termed ‘women’s health’ issues arise due to the loss of this understanding, practice & reverence that the original spas – the ancient Goddess temples provided – that being, a place dedicated to the cyclic renewal of our multi-faceted psyche.

Attending a regular ‘Red Tent’ women’s circle at new moon is a great way of ensuring you get this kind of space once a month to sustain the giving & holding that women naturally do for others. Check out this link to find a Red Tent circle in your area on my global directory¬†

If you don’t have either a Red Tent or a Goddess temple in your neighbourhood, gift yourself some temple space at home. Do some yoga, make a superfood smoothie or juice, read something to calm your mind & expand your awareness, go for a gentle walk in nature & give yourself a hair treatment or face mask in a bath with classical music to heighten your energy field.

If you’re too busy to scratch yourself – try & do one of these things but on a regular basis.

Attending to yourself in this way will help your inner Aphrodite swim rather than drown in the intense emotional waves or tendrils of emotional memories you may be experiencing during this lunar month as we navigate the Taurus / Scorpio polarity.

Be gentle with your inner child & avoid drama by identifying the core feeling you are experiencing beneath the story & embrace that feeling with self-compassion.

Blessings on your day,


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