Moon is waxing in Virgo today folks so you may feel more health conscious than normal, making this a great day to clean out your pantry of all the crap that would ultimately pollute your temple & leave you feeling more like a bus shelter.

Virgo moon helps us do what’s good for our body, so if you’ve been thinking about checking out a local health club, or detoxifying your home of anything that isn’t natural – this is just the impetus you need!

What we surround ourselves with informs our choices – especially on the days when we feel in a slump and will make choices that self-sabotage our well being on all levels because it is the wounded self in the driver’s seat.

So use this window when the inner health freak is active to change your physical environment to support your health.

Here’s a few suggestions. Have a read & see if any of them jump out as relevant to you:

– Consider your posture at work. You may need an ergonomic mouse or office chair or lumbar roll.
– Hydrate your skin by placing a water feature in your home to counteract the drying effect of central heating / air con which introduces health negative ions into the atmosphere.
– Reduce the amount of electro-magnetic pollution you’re exposed to by turning off appliances, placing pyrite or orgone crystal near your computer or wearing an EMF pendant.
– Look into water filters that remove chlorine & fluoride & add base minerals which are deficient in our soils such as the Zazen style.
– Use chemical free cleansers on your skin & your home.
– Discard cookbooks that don’t support your health & buy ones that do.

Blessings on your health!
🙂 Tanishka


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