Moon is still waxing in Virgo, the sign of health & service so don’t be surprised if you’re tempted to work overtime to get more done.

Fortunately, during waxing moon, the energy is there to scale mountains, should that be on your agenda.

Waxing moon is when we can feel invincible & even hunger for a challenge in which to prove our mettle. So whilst something last week may’ve felt overwhelming as the lunar energies waned, now every light is green & crowds are cheering you on – even if it is inside your own head.

The gift Virgo moon bestows on us is the discipline needed to do something that feels hard but ultimately is for our highest good. Virgo moon also helps us deal with the details needed to complete a task so it’s done right.

So go scale that mountain, hang from that trapeze or announce you’re running for president & blessings on your day,


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