Moon in Virgo

Sep 17, 2020

Today’s Lunar Guidance In Virgo 



Happy New Moon in Virgo!


You may have experienced the shadow side of Virgo as the moon waned to her lowest ebb in this sign, such as noticing the workaholic in yourself or perhaps your boss projecting unhealthy expectations upon you…such as not allowing enough time to complete tasks, adequate training or not enough ‘downtime’ to relax & revitalise.



As increased industrialisation increasingly downsizes the need for humans in industry, more people are turning hobbies & ideas into micro-businesses as a step to becoming self-employed & sovereign entities.



This often means wearing many hats & working from home (often as a second job) so personal boundaries are important so we structure a clear definition between personal & work time – such as taking weekends off! This is a vital lesson to learn if we are to sustain ourselves & our output & create success in every area of our lives instead of just one!



New moon in Virgo is the perfect time to reassess what’s working in your working life & what isn’t. So perhaps ask yourself, ‘Is my job toxic?’ Is it literally giving you headaches & messing with your hormones working in fluoro lit & air-conditioned buildings? Are your work colleagues people who treat you with mutual respect as a person with equal needs or merely as someone who is expendable?



Alternatively, have you outgrown your current career, the focus of your business, or the way in which you work?



Virgo transits show us how powerful patterns of repetition are. If we keep fronting up to a job that’s slowly killing us, we are eroding our self-esteem, undermining our ability to consider other options.



Equally, we can be tempted to hold on to an outmoded system of doing things out of fear that it’s been our ‘bread & butter’ even when it’s no longer working for us personally – since we are always growing & changing in our personal lives, we need to periodically reassess whether our work-life supports or hinders our personal life.



So if you can, take the time to ponder a healthy change in your working life – this may come through daring to have a conversation about it with a friend, spouse, or family member, going for a walk with headspace to think, sitting in contemplation or journaling.



Want more guidance, including fortnightly videos on Planetary transits and how they’re initiating us to grow? Check out my membership club here.



Blessings to your day,








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