It’s new moon tomorrow in the sign of Virgo so this is an invitation to join me for a few minutes to focus your intent during this power period of manifestation for the greater good.

To participate: simply, find a time & space when you won’t be disturbed & close your eyes.

Next, visualise more & more people around the globe making healthy choices:

Such as:
– gathering to do tai chi in public gardens
– yoga at the beach
– meditating
– chanting
– growing, sourcing & eating free or affordable organic GMO free & pesticide food & water

Open your heart & send love to our global family as you bless them for honouring the gift of life with life affirming choices.
The more we honour ourselves as fractals of the whole, we elevate the health of our entire planet.

Enjoy the feel good feelings this generates in your cells & feel free to share in your Red Tent sisterhood circles to harness the group energy for the greater good for just a few minutes or share this post with your friends & family.

Today is also the final day to sign up for my Inner Goddess Online course before it starts tomorrow. You can find more here

Blessings, Tanishka


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