The moon is now in Virgo opposite sun in Scorpio.

Virgo & Scorpio are considered to be the most Tantric of all the zodiac signs, since Virgo is the sign of the priest / priestess – the disciple who devotes themselves as a vessel to serve & Scorpio is the sign of death / sex & transformation.

So…if single or feeling as if you are, you may wish to take a little sacred space for yourself & pleasure yourself with the intent of self-healing. For when we touch ourselves with the pure intent of reverence for all we are & all we have journeyed, the intelligence of every cell responds & releases all they have held, waiting for a safe space to release. One of the signs of climax is crying – it is not bad or a sign that you are a basket case. It is a deep & cleansing release of all that will keep you closed, inhibited & unavailable to love with another.

If in a partnership, consider how you can create a temple space to honor the divine in each other. Like the saying, ‘build it & they will come’. If you create the ambiance, the invitation for a love feast rather than a 2 min noodle interlude you will have more likelihood of being met by a Love God or Love Goddess!

I should point out that Tantra starts with owning & taking full responsibility for our unconscious thoughts & behaviors & how they impact our lives & those closest to us. So don’t be surprised if the Scorpio wild woman, Lilith rears her head demanding she be honored with a full admission & accountability plan to address shadow patterns before opening to love. Love is built on trust & trust is earned through right action. Without it, resentment builds & intimacy is lost.

Blessings on your day,


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