The moon is moving from Leo into Virgo, so you may notice people’s more odd sense of humour surfaces. Why?

The Earth signs are said to be the funniest signs, with:

– Taurus gifting us down-to-Earth humour with observations about our mundane existence
– Capricorn gifting us the lewd, crude & shocking humour of Pan, the satyr
– & Virgo offering us random, off the wall oddities to ponder (think of the cartoon,’The Far Side’.)

This is just one interesting perspective offered by the late Warwick Sayer, my astrologer teacher.

Before this instigates a minor skirmish in your immediate social circle may I also offer my view that personally I think each sign offers their own brand of humour from the long suffering water signs who compensate for their emotional sensitivity by developing a hard crustacean shell of witty comebacks to Gemini’s who will laugh at just about anything silly.

Ultimately humour helps ease any social tension which can easily occur in the workplace when the moon moves through Virgo. Why? Virgo governs work & health. So if you work in a gym…look out!

Virgo lunar transits can see us taking our work too seriously, being overly meticulous with our attention to detail, being micro-managing bosses or helicopter parents if you job is raising kids full time.

Understandably constant nitpicking & expectations of perfection will fray nerves all round. So if you sense the tension mounting do something random to diffuse the bomb.

Mimicking your control freak is probably a healthy place to start…& yes, we all have one because we all have an ego. It’s just some seek to control in an overt way whereas others do it a covert way.

If your funny bone is asleep, go for a run, take an exercise class or do some jumping jacks so you don’t blow a fuse.

Blessings on your day,


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