Moon is still waning in Virgo today so this is a great time for trouble-shooting, making lists of what needs tending to – whether thats in general or for a specific project.

This is because Virgo, an earth sign helps us hone in on all the details that are needing to create an idea or a vision in the physical 3D world.

Virgo helps us get real about the practicalities of our situation.

So if you’ve been so focused on the big picture – what you want or are trying to create, now may be a time of reckoning, realising what you’ve overlooked & need to tend to if you want a good result.

Similarly, if you’re feeling overwhelmed in any way with any part of your life, use this window to identify what feeling highlights you need to implement for the most efficient use of your time & effort for the best result.

Virgo is the sign of systems, routines & analysis…so this is an ideal time to set yourself up for success by researching positive routines you can implement at work & at home to be healthy, wealthy & wise.

Equally, Virgo helps us identify what is not working…the challenge is not just to criticise or complain but to follow through on implementing a more functional way to do things.

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