Moon is now waning in Virgo so do something nice for your health today & you’ll really reap the benefits & avoid a wake up nudge from your body. Whether that’s making chicken soup, taking a mental health day, doing only half the things on your ‘To Do’ list or starting your day with yoga to music that carries your heart on lifted wings…in a nutshell, be kind to your vessel as the house of Spirit.

Yes this influence is due to Virgo, (an Earth sign) which governs the central hearth within & evokes our inner priestess, (regardless of our physical gender) who attends our eternal flame to keep our Spirit burning bright.

Ironically, in our youth obsessed culture there’s a lot of focus on anti-aging remedies which offer to fix the external signs of aging & yet true longevity comes from living a life where we prioritise that which inspires & fans our inner flame higher! For if our inner light dims – we start aging at a much more rapid rate.

So as the moon continues to wane in this lunar month, do ask yourself, ‘What truly excites & enthuses me?’ Knowing that this question needs to be reviewed with each passing year as we grow & shift our priorities & values.

So above all today – honour your light & be a beacon for others to honour the divine in themselves also.

Blessings on your day,


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