Moon is still waning in Virgo – making this an ideal time for weeding, clearing & sorting…all of which is incredibly cathartic when we approach these tasks with an awareness of the effect they have upon our psyche.

For instance, when we weed – we are anchoring into our somatic body that we are making the space for growth, we are exercising discernment about what we choose to have in our lives & we are tending & nurturing what we value.

When we bring this intent to the task, as we weed we will take note of the random thoughts that surface offering intuitive suggestions of where in our life we need to weed out attitudes, habits, stories, people or situations to support our fullest growth.

When we bring our full presence to a mundane task, life becomes a meditation & our daily chores become sacred rituals which assist us in our self-actualization.

This presence of mind is what gives us inner peace – appreciating that what we are doing is a perfect metaphor for our daily lesson rather than fighting with reality by resenting the mundane jobs which are an inevitable part of living.

Blessings on your day,


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