The moon is still waning in Virgo.

Virgo moon is a time for scrutinising & discernment. Why?

Virgo highlights what’s not working. Specifically, what’s out of alignment between our intent & how we’re going about achieving it.

In our ego-based culture which has valued short-term results over long-term integrity this gift Virgo has offered has been dismissed as simply being ‘overly critical’…a nag.

If we are immature & don’t value honest feedback to aid our self-examination, we shoot the messenger rather than embrace criticism as an opportunity for self-improvement.

So today is a day to practice taking criticism well. Not reacting by being defensive & shutting down, but truly listening to discern the gold being offered. That doesn’t mean taking on someone’s projection or opinion of you lock, stock & barrel.

Discernment both requires & develops self-worth. How?

To be skeptical rather than cynical, we filter everything through our own gnosis – observing what resonates as true & dismissing what doesn’t. This practice strengthens our sense of self.

Developing this ability helps us to stay open without being gullible or overly impressionable. It also means we’re able to be truly present & available to honest communication.

Making Integrity Our Primary Goal…

Virgo asks us to honour what is sacred. We do this by being discerning with our actions. It is time for us to each take a stand & reclaim what is sacred. It is happening.

Virgo asks us to respond in ways that are practical.

What a wonderful story to tell our grandchildren, that we were part of the Rainbow Tribe who rose up as one, motivated by love to change our collective story from one of disempowerment resulting in mass destruction to one of empowerment ushering a new era of healing & reverence.

Blessings on your day,


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