Moon is now waning in Virgo. Virgo is the sign that encourages us to consider the power of sacred space.

If that seems an incongruent phrase, consider how people automatically speak in hushed tones when they enter a church, mosque or library?

This is because we create a palpable energy field when we set a clear intent. So too, we can create an intentional space of alignment & serenity within our own psyche, body & personal energy field by setting a clear intent.

To do that many find it easiest to start by identifying what isn’t acceptable behaviour to have in their daily world, such as ongoing exposure to those whose words & actions impact negatively on our personal wellbeing. These are the interactions which result in us feeling:

– minimised energetically
– silenced into submission
– disempowered to act instinctually
– mentally confused
– invalidated for our intuitive knowing

Whilst we have free will to leave situations which habitually erode our self-esteem – this can be a challenge when our inner light has been diminished.

So strengthen your light, regardless of your current life circumstances. With every thought, word & action, affirm your intent for the day with the greatest possible outcome.

Start your day with a practice to strengthen your light through connection to the light within all of existence.

Play music which lifts your vibration, so you aren’t plugged into drama which spiral your energy field down.

Be the light in the darkness & foster that light with self-love & honouring choices.

When the moon moves through this sign of sacred space, we are more easily perturbed by those who dishonour our personal boundaries & subtle sensibilities due to a lack of awareness.

Which makes this a great day to identify ways to reclaim your sense of sacred space within & without.

If you’d like more info & techniques to create sacred space in your daily life consider joining me in Greece for my Inner Goddess Retreat in May this year

Blessings on your day,


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