Happy Full Moon in Virgo Everyone!

This is a most powerful day to attune to your Spiritual purpose & passion by asking, ‘How can I best serve using my gifts?’

Even if you haven’t yet identified your soul gifts, this sincere dedication is an ‘act of power’ which will activate a sequence of events whereby your innate gifts are revealed to you.

The irony is until we make the shift to be of service to the greater good, we often struggle to prove our worth, competing & fearing what we do is never enough.

When what we do is no longer about our ego’s need, our creative gifts flow along with opportunities to express them.

Virgo is the sign of service. You couldn’t get a better day to surrender your life to a higher power & ask to be shown how you can be a vessel for serving the Divine Plan.

For more about the energies of today’s full moon check out my astro forecast here : https://themoonwoman.com/astro-forecast/

Blessings on your day,


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