Moon is now in Virgo…

Virgo is the sign which reminds us to there is more to this life than the 5 senses. Whilst Virgo is an Earth sign, it encourages us to remember our essence is pure energy, which never dies – it only changes form. With this understanding, a Virgo transit helps us honour this essence within us in practical ways.

For example:

– doing that which generates enthusiasm
– not doing that which drains us
– building our life force with good nutrition
– sustaining our life force with adequate rest
– attuning to the essence within by create sacred space

So bless your body as the temple which houses your soul. Lovingly dress & adorn it. Refer to your body with only kind words & take full responsibility for your health through regular maintenance routines.

If you have been lax in these areas, apologise to your body & make amends starting today.

Blessings on your day,

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