Moon has moved into Virgo. Virgo asks us to honour ourselves in all that we do if we are to be in alignment with our core essence. If we don’t honour our true selves it is impossible for us to truly honour another.

Virgo is the sign of the priest / priestess…this is an aspect within all of us. It is the part who restores order and honours our need for sacred time & space to come back home to our soul self.

Virgo also places our focus on work. Our work is our service to the greater good. As Kahil Gibran said, ‘work is love made visible’.

It is therefore important to do what you love or it won’t be a pleasure & an honour to serve.

Equally if we are doing what we love but not honouring our own needs this creates an imbalance of serving others at a cost to self making it hard to sustain our service. If this persists our service is compromised along with our own well being.

Blessings on your day,


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