The moon is now in Virgo…inspiring us to ‘get busy’. However the lesson of Virgo is to ensure our busy-ness is efficient or we’ll end up fatigued with little to show for our efforts. Why?

Virgo is the sign of work. So when the moon moves through this sign we tend to become aware of how healthy or unhealthy our work is for us, whether that’s paid or unpaid labour.

Virgo lunar transits give us the ability to scrutinise & discern what’s working well & what isn’t. It is this analysis which ensures we are truly productive & effective in what we do.

So pay attention to the signs being offered by the benevolent Universe about your work situation.

Challenges are opportunities for growth if we address them. Unaddressed they become an increasing source of stress.

So explore your options to work smarter, not harder so your service can be a joy rather than a burden.

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