Moon is now in Virgo which will inspire us to make healthy choices today & probably get things in order to start the week ahead.

A good time to attend to new year resolutions even if you’ve not done so to date. 🙂

This is a great window to look at how you can be more efficient with your time & energy by implementing systems that will help you to attend to the details of life without becoming overwhelmed.

For those with kids now is a great time to consider new routines for each member of your household to contribute to the whole, reviewing & updating age appropriate tasks. One good approach is that of cyclic balance. Look at one day a month you can attend to tasks you don’t enjoy so they don’t get out of hand such as cleaning up your yard, doing filing, clearing your desktop or bookkeeping.

The shadow side of Virgo can however see us getting fixated on details to the point of forgetting the big picture so remember to not get bogged down by the petty things today & tomorrow.

Blessings on your day,