Moon’s still in Virgo so you may hear your body talking to you more loudly today, urging you to tend to your physical needs as Virgo is an Earth sign which governs health.

This makes today the perfect time to follow up on making those appointments you’ve been thinking about making to check, maintain or address your health concerns. Such as the things your mind says it doesn’t have time for the rest of the month such as eye checks for glaucoma if over 40, mole checks, mamograms, prostate checks guys if you run to the loo a lot or an MRI to really find out what’s causing that back pain.

If you are experiencing physical pain know this calls for a practical response to address the underlying cause. Prayer, affirmations & energy healing will accelerate recovery (stats indicate the power of prayer speeds recovery) however they alone are not enough when symptoms manifest in the physical body. Physical ailments require a physical response.

Many will have found their physical bodies are now demanding better care taking now we are in the intensified
energies of the photon belt. This is because more light on our planet means more awareness so we can’t continue to operate in denial in any area of our life.

So if you plan to be here for a while to be part of the return to Eden, anchoring Heaven on Earth remember everything starts in the microcosm…look after your body that is your vessel for the Divine Plan here on our beloved Mother Earth.

Blessings on your day,



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