Moon in Virgo

Feb 10, 2020

Moon is entering void today (3.08am – 10.38am Melbourne, Australia time) before moving into Virgo, which is likely to amp up our work productivity into hyperdrive. The Moon’s trine to Mars also enhances the urge to get things done as well as feeling inventive and inspired by Luna’s trine to Uranus.

However, since the moon is now waning (decreasing in light) this is a good time to review all our systems (be it domestic or business) so we’re not double-handling jobs & being as efficient as possible.

Tim Ferris, who wrote the bestseller, ‘The 4 Hour Workweek’ encourages folk to group tasks to increase efficiency. e.g. having set times to check emails twice a day to curb the likelihood of being distracted by inbox notifications which take you off task.

If applying this to work on the home front this may mean doing all your ironing one night a week for an hour rather than trying to set up the ironing board every morning before getting kids off to school or catching the bus to get to work.

In other words, just because we can multi-task doesn’t mean we should – if we don’t have to. For multi-tasking scatters our energy, leaving us less centered & more stressed, especially if this becomes our default modis operandis.

Eastern philosophies encourage us to be ‘one directional’- bringing our full presence to a task. This honours both the task & ourselves as the quality of our work is a reflection of our quality of being – calm & centered, in loving service to the greater good.

If you do catch yourself feeling scattered, the fastest way to center is to close your eyes & focus your attention on your heart, breathing in & out of this energy center.

When we are centered in the heart our divine expression can emanate out from our center like it does in sacred art forms like mandalas & which mimic the sacred art forms in nature, such as flowers. This changes the quality of our being to one of softness, patience & gentility rather than coming from mind, giving us a quality which can tend toward being hard, impatient & brusque.

Despite knowing this we have so much pressure on us to do so much in a day that despite our best intentions we can end up frazzled.

So consider taking a moment to center in your heart before you start your day, or place your hand on your heart before taking an inbound call or look for opportunities to reconnect with the sacred beauty in nature to still your mind.

With the Moon forming a sextile to the North Node you will feel a greater ease of access to your inner resources.

Blessings on your day




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