Moon is in Virgo which puts the onus on work. This is a great time to get things done, whether that’s housework or office work…sorting through anything that’s incomplete or feels disorganized so you can create more efficient systems.

Luna’s opposition to Mercury and Uranus discourages communication as things are unclear and under pressure even though Moon’s trine to Jupiter allows for some confidence, it is best put to work on projects.

So whether you’re labelling jars, cleaning out your stock room, filing your desktop or doing your bookkeeping THIS is a day to power through undeterred & get the job done!

That said, don’t forget that life by its very nature is chaos. So whilst we can order our man-made constructs from time to computer desktops, people defy being categorized definitively since every one of us is an infinite universe unto ourselves – a mystery.

So whilst the lunar transit through Virgo may find you analyzing those around you, know that this is merely gymnastics for your brain to entertain itself. If you find yourself doing this, try focusing your mind on controlling what you can control to create more order amongst the constant flux of life but like the serenity prayer, ‘Grant the wisdom to accept that which you can’t.’

Then affirm the strength, courage & wisdom that’s been inside of
you all along with India Arie singing ‘Strength, Courage & Wisdom’:

Blessings on your day,