The moon is now waxing in Virgo. Virgo is the sign which scrutinises everything in order to discern what needs a fixin’.

So don’t react with indignation if people around you start honing in on the way you do things & questioning your reasons. Remember, the underlying motivation is to help everything run smoothly & efficiently – rather than interpreting it as a personal attack on your efforts.

This is a good time to attend to odd jobs, like gluing or mending everything that’s broken & waiting patiently on a designated shelf…& if there are jobs which feel overwhelming, don’t hold back asking someone who is handy for help.

Moon in Virgo is a time when we feel emotionally contented by getting stuff done. So do create a ‘To Do’ List to ensure you stay focused and enjoy crossing off each completed task by day’s end.

This is also a good time to question anything your intuition is suggesting isn’t really viable, such as subscriptions to programs, apps & magazines that you don’t use.

And a gentle reminder: Today is the final day to ensure all your files are backed up before Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow.

This is the day when you may even enjoy cleaning – with the right music.

You may wish to share the music you like to clean house to in the comments below.

(I like funk, disco – anything with good rhythm to get me moving…or for longer jobs like cleaning the fridge something I can sing my lungs out to like Aretha Franklin. Queen Latrine is my Drag cleaner name.)

Blessings on your day,


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