Moon is now void (not making any major aspects) to any celestial bodies as she moves from Leo into Virgo on Sunday at 9.47pm, Melbourne, Australian time where she’ll be for full moon in a couple of days.

So in the lead up to Luna waxing to full, we can expect to take forward motion on our health. Whether that’s joining a gym, doing a cleanse, making an appointment to address a health issue or doing a trial elimination of a food you suspect you’re intolerant to…Luna will shine your light of inner awareness on it & intuitively urge you to take positive action. 

This is because Virgo brings to the surface our need to honour ourselves as sacred vessels. The original emblem for Virgo was a virgin. However a virgin meant, ‘a woman unto herself’ – a woman who honoured herself as sacred, a woman who had been initiated into the wisdom & traditions of the sacred feminine – to know & see herself as a divine conduit. It had nothing to do with whether a woman’s hymen was unbroken – this is a Patriarchal value placed upon women as their ultimate worth – which is an illusion used to keep mature women silenced. So the more we honour the sacredness of ourselves, the more we elevate the consciousness beyond this archaic thinking.

This is love as activism. 

Love is any act that honours & upholds the sacred – so don’t be surprised if Luna shines a flashlight on ways you are dishonouring yourself or consenting to others dishonouring you. 

This is also a good day to connect with your mother, daughter, sisters- either friend or family. 

Honour yourself & change the world, starting with yourself & those you come into contact with.

A productive day for innovative creativity.   

Blessings on your day,