Moon is waxing in Virgo & almost full, making it challenging to get a good night’s sleep…this will be exacerbated if you work or try to get things done till 10pm or later – tempting in this sign of productivity & organisation. 

So if you want a good zzzz, especially in the lead up to full moon be sure to start your wind down at 9pm & be in bed by 10pm or resign yourself that you’re not going to sleep & work on your novel & howl at the moon!

It’s good to also be aware that Virgo transits can cause us to be more critical than usual – of ourselves & others. So be mindful of how you share your observations, feedback & suggestions with others. Be sure to acknowledge with gratitude & appreciation what others do before starting with telling them how they should do things differently or questioning them like the Spanish Inquisition.

Instead, cast your analytical eye on your own activities & consider what steps you could take to be more efficient & productive. Virgo helps us to review all of our routines & operating systems & identify where there’s room for improvement.

That may start with cleaning & clearing the decks so you have a space in which you can see things clearly on all levels.

With Luna trine to Venus this will allow you to really tune in to your natural femininity. You may feel inspired to treat yourself to some natural self care. You could give your skin pamper by applying a eco friendly face mask, maybe one that you have created. Look after your insides too, by finding foods and drinks that nurture your health.

Also this can be a great time to move forward with any new ventures you have begun. 

Thanks for stopping by & blessings on your day,