Moon in Virgo

Mar 10, 2020

Happy Super Full Moon in Virgo Everyone!

At 4;47am Tuesday, Melbourne Australia

Whilst you may have noticed your inner perfectionist surface in the past two weeks as Luna waxed to full in this sign – slipping into judgements of right & wrong, struggling to see the inherent perfection in everything NOW is the time of illumination – when the fullness of celestial feminine energy grants us a beam of receptivity, so we can glean more understanding into how our trials have served us & how we were never separate or alone, even when it appeared to be the case. 

Today is a day to celebrate the return of the sacred on our planet. 

We can do this by making a greater commitment to our spiritual path, our practice, our calling to pursue a course of esoteric study, sharing our gifts as a healer, intuitive reader or group facilitator or taking the step to follow the call to go on a retreat or a pilgrimage to a sacred site. 

When we place our soul needs last on our list of priorities, our lives become harder & more soulless as we focus on doing things the hard way – through physical & mental effort. Working harder not smarter. Whereas when we value the needs of our inner self, we enter the slipstream of ‘the Force’ & become ‘at one’ with the serendipitous flow of grace & synchronicity. 

So if you are still wrestling with criticism of self, those around you, global figures, humanity in general or your projections on the divine essence that weaves the matrix of existence – bless your trials, bless your perceived enemies & the perceived injustices, as this is the fastest way to shift the energy from rigid thinking of the lower rational mind to seeing with the full intelligence of your being. 

You may also wish to invoke the anchoring of your Higher Mind into your body temple to help you see beyond the apparent facts to a perspective that offers more grace through the light of greater understanding – followed by acceptance & peace within. When we restore peace within by processing the incomprehension of our rational self, we contribute to peace in all – as a walking embodiment that affects every other energy field we come into contact with.

So bless the small changes you see in the awakening of consciousness within yourself & all around you. Good intent is being seeded in every moment by vessels who have dedicated themselves to serve the all – whether you can see the effects in this moment or not. 

Luna is trine to Pluto today, personal meditation, ritual or writing to release strong feelings or emotions will create positive change and clarity moving forward. Finding balance will serve you well.

Blessings on your day,




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