The moon is now in Virgo. So this is the time to address anything that’s not really working or is inefficient in your life. Such as:

– How your car is running due to lack of services
– How you run your business, such as inefficient admin systems
– Trying to do everything yourself instead of outsourcing or finding a mentor
– Being haphazard with your household routines and chores, instead of having a set washing, shopping or baking day or times you water plants
– How much time you spend on social media which could create a window to improve your health with a regular exercise, yoga or meditation class


Virgo is an Earth sign which helps us organise and troubleshoot with practical solutions. So when the moon transits through this sign it’s as if we have an invisible hand helping us solve what might seem overwhelming at other times of the month…regardless of our personal horoscope.

So consider taking a moment to sit in stillness and ask your inner knowing what could be more efficient in your life, then await a response to surface according to your strongest subtle sense. For example:

– If you’re more visual you may receive images of your overflowing in-tray, computer desk top files or email inbox
– If more kinesthetic you may experience a contraction within your body and you can ask your body directly what that’s about
– If you’re more auditory, you may hear a word of suggestion
– If you’re more intuitive you may receive inspired thoughts

Virgo moon helps us scrutinise the details which make up the whole. Only by teasing apart and examining each part can we ensure the whole functions sustainably.

So rather than sweating the small stuff, be pro-active in addressing it and you’ll reduce your stress.

Blessing on your day,

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