The Moon moves from void of course to Virgo at 9.57am becoming New Moon later in the evening at 8.37pm Est. Where we are most intuitive/sensitive and least energetic physically.

Moon in Virgo is a great time for noticing details that need to be attended to, making this an opportune time for tasks such as problem solving, editing, formatting and even cleaning if you want a thorough job done.

Virgo is the sign of the sacred vessel so during a lunar transit in Virgo we are asked to notice our lessons around containment. If you have a lot of Virgo in your chart or planets in the 6th house (which is ruled by Virgo) you may have felt as if your family of origin’s relationship with the sacred contained you in some way. In the positive, you may have learned to revere the celestial realms but in the negative, been taught to fear the human realms as less than sacred.  Moon in Virgo asks us to question, ‘what is sacred?’  So we will all be effected by this transit in some way – to see all of life as sacred and serving the whole.

Now is a good time to contemplate where you are carrying separation – seeing some aspects of life as sacred & others as profane. If there is an experience which has polarized you, it is showing you what is yet to be integrated and healed. Many illnesses, especially Cancer manifest from trauma contained within the cells, which has not been processed within our psyche and healed. We are living in a time when everything in shadow is coming into the light. This means many are confronting a healing journey with Cancer to transmute pain they have carried for lifetimes or inherited down through lineages.

It is time for us all to make our peace with all the duality we have witnessed and endured if we are to transcend it.

Blessings on those of you on such a healing journey, thank-you for clearing this trauma from the World Soul.


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