The moon is waxing in Virgo, the sign of sacred space. When the moon transits through this sign we are urged to honour our bodies as temples. Why?

Virgo is an Earth sign which governs health & wellbeing so when the moon is in Virgo our physical body often signals the ways we need to take better care of our temple to honour the gift we have in our physicality.

So take a moment to attune to your body & act upon it’s requests – for rest, for exercise, stretching, a detox, a particular vitamin, mineral or probiotic…or a more energising sleep cycle.

Our physical existence is the foundation of everything. If we neglect the needs of our physical reality, our emotions are less balanced, our thoughts more scattered & our energy levels erratic.

Our physical body deserves our loving appreciation for all it does to keep us functioning 24/7.

So if you’ve taken your body for granted of late or been less than reverent this is a good day to take loving action to address your physical needs.

Blessings on your day,


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