The waning Moon is entering Taurus from VOC today, so you’ll probably slow down and be more aware of your body for the next two days.

Taurus reminds us what we need to do to sustain ourselves physically. So if the sun transiting through Virgo, (the sign of work) has seen you working harder and longer hours, this may the window when you’re body gives you reason for pause.

Taurus is the sign of self-love as it is ruled by Venus, the planet of Love. So if you’ve been neglecting your need for
joy, pleasure, creative self-expression or beauty you may dream about doing these things in your sleep as a reminder as to how much your Soul yearns for them.

Pleasure is medicine that reminds us the journey can be enjoyable. Pleasure helps us to open our receptors on all
levels so we’re fully open to the experience of life. Pleasure eases tension and raises our vibration, enhancing our
physical constitution and immunity. Pleasure enables us to extract ‘soma’, the essence of divine
joy, which balances our rising kundalini during these transition times, as we become more self-aware through
confrontation with our own shadow.

Seek out the pleasure in all that you do.

Become one with pleasure.

Be unashamed in expressed your pleasurable sensations – murmuring as you eat or sighing deeply at a moment of natural beauty.

Today asks us, ‘where is my opportunity for pleasure?’

Blessings on your day,