Luna is making her way from Aries to Taurus, but spend much of the day void (making no major aspects) so if you’ve felt a sense of impatience or had head or neck pain over the past couple of days, that may now start to ease as our collective inner self moves into a slower sign & we come more into our bodies.
Aries & Taurus can evoke our inner child in different ways – positive & negative. So whilst you may experience moments of feeling playful & silly, you may also experience your young inner masculine’s frustrations at not being truly heard, or your young inner feminine’s grief at not being truly seen & in both cases, understood. Synchronicity may therefore offer you a catalyst, such as a film, book or real life situation that acts as a valve for more emotional bloodletting of old childhood / teenage wounds.
Whilst this can seem never-ending in the aftermath of unconscious dynamics of our early life…each purging is an opportunity for greater insight & deeper release & healing, freeing the body of the need to hold emotional pain at a physical level.
The older I get the more I gain deeper appreciation that love is the ability to revere our human frailty with kindness & reverence. Trust in those who hold this space for us is what flowers from appreciation into the deepest of loves. So too, the more we are able to show this tenderness toward ourselves, the more we can extend this to others & the less we bottle our pain up which leads to unconsciously wounding others from a place of wound & denial.
With the Sun moving through Sag, this is a time for acknowledging that our wounds are what
motivates us to create change & make a difference in our lives & the world around us. We
must therefore learn to live with our woundedness, befriend its role in our life & exercise kindness when it surfaces, trusting we chose it specifically for everything it would teach us.