The moon has just moved in Leo so do something which feels lavish – such as a picnic with silver wear or grand hats or a champagne brunch.Why?Leo invites us to live life LARGE! Large doesn’t have to mean expensive but grander and more creative than the everyday humdrum of responsibilities. So if we know this in advance we can scratch that itch and feel the better for it for the next 28 days (a full lunar cycle).

If you haven’t yet got a costume for Halloween this would be an ideal day for creating a cossie or playing dress-ups at your local thrift shop until you find something you can adapt. For Leo is the sign of pomp and pageantry and creative self-expression.

(Halloween is the half way point between Autumn Equinox & the Winter Solstice on Oct 31st in the northern hemisphere, although commercial interests are leveraging the worship of Americana in our Hollywood conditioned culture here in Australia so if you have kids you can’t fight the upside down celebration of death during Spring.) So yes, I’ll be receiving kids dressed as Maleficent to at least encourage wearing costumes in public. End of rant.

Alternatively you may like to decorate your house or create invites to celebrate the turning of the season wherever you are in the world. If you’re in the southern hemisphere consider creating a springtime wreath to decorate the front door or just collect wild flowers an deck the halls. If you’re in the northern hemisphere take the opportunity to discuss with your friends or family why you each feel drawn to dress up and express a certain character or archetype…why it speaks to you. For the more facets we let out of the cupboard the richer our lives are.

Blessings on your day




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