Moon is now void as she makes her way from Virgo into Libra, urging us to move forwards with our plans to come more into balance. 

So how does that play out down here in our physical lives?

Since we live in a holographic universe, whatever is not in alignment in our lives, is surfacing along with opportunities to become more whole & balanced – to mirror the celestial alignment.

For example, if your focus has been on the outer world, denying your soul’s wishes in favour of financial security, you may have experienced illness or injury as a catalyst to stop & contemplate your innermost wishes.

Alternatively, if you’ve invested most of your time in understanding the psyche & exploring the mystic realms, you are now being called to ground & become materially responsible through budgeting or committing to a mortgage.

With the moon moving into the sign of co-operation & balance, we’re likely to see how symbiotic relationships play a key role in helping us accelerate our personal balance.

This is only possible when each party is humble enough to acknowledge their area of weakness & welcome mentoring from the other to assist the underdeveloped part of them to grow in awareness & empowerment.

So this is a good day to ask for help from someone in your social circle who is strong in an area where you feel less than confident. If you can identify a fair exchange for mutual mentoring so you can both formulate a workable step-by-step plan to redress your personal imbalance.

Blessings on your day,

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