The moon is still in Leo. Meow. (I’m sure more cat videos get shared during a Leo lunar transit.)
Well, the moon may be in a fire sign but given it’s the last week of the lunar month, you may feel more like ‘The Little Match Girl’ unable to keep your spark alight. Why? This is when the emotional energy is decreasing causing us to feel more reclusive in an effort to conserve our diminishing energy.

If you’re nodding in agreeance, the only answer is to get some rest…& relight your spark with a good story. Whether that’s a great film or book, a timely story is medicine for it speaks to where we are & offer hope & insight to light the way out of the labyrinth of self-doubt or despair. Alternatively, consider this a window to regale stories from your life with a dear friend to laugh at your struggles. Why?
Moon in Leo brings out a sense of drama & theatrics. So if you’re going into your story acknowledge it consciously & make it entertaining for the other person.

Conserving my energy right now & keepin’ it brief 🙂

Blessings on your day fellow Moonbeams!