The moon is now void (moving through the final degrees of Aquarius without forming any major aspects to any of the planets). Grandmother Moon will arrive in Pisces later in the day. During the void window we can feel ‘between the worlds’ and unsettled, making it a challenge to focus out energies. The void is however a great time to meditate, to attune to your subtle senses and feel into the best course of action in any given situation.

The void is the place of pure potential – the unknowable.

The luminescent glow of Grandmother Moon illuminates our intuition. So when she moves through the void in the constellation of Aquarius, the sign of the future this is a powerful window to reflect on our past actions, attune to our feelings in the present and intuit actions that will create the path of our highest destiny.

The void can be a time when we can be easily deceived because we aren’t clear on our own mind. Why? This isn’t a time to look to the analytic mind for answers. This is a time to feel your way…so ask, ‘What feels true?’ And you will sense the truth. The shift into Pisces may heighten perceptions of duality -so there may be some fall out as people divide into two camps. Don’t feed drama by taking sides or you will only create conflict inside and out. Instead, evoke the wise inner mystic who sees everything as a lesson & is grateful for all of it.

Blessings on your day,