Moon is moving from Cancer into Leo today so you’re likely to feel a shift from homebody to Top Cat about town by the end of the day…& no this isn’t cause for alarm or external intervention.
On the positive side, Cancer can evoke our fears & insecurities, so if you’ve spent the last two days under the covers – (maybe reading all snuggled up in bed…a fave Cancerian pastime), the Leo sense of optimism & bravery will be a welcome relief!
Leo moon encourages us to be BIG. That’s big hair, big gestures & big self-expression.
So if the people around you respond by telling you ‘You’re too much. Tone it down.’ It’s time to seek out the company of those who encourage you to shine, laugh loud & live large.
With sun in Sag & moon in Leo (two fire signs), this is a great day for silliness & social antics.
Be warned, if starting your Xmas party planning you may go over budget during a Leo moon, as the sky is the limit until your credit card tell you otherwise.
Be sure to keep the compliments flowing & you’re sure to wear a smile throughout your day.