Moon is currently void as she moves from Cancer to Leo, so you may struggle to think clearly for the next few hour and best to avoid making major decisions or signing contracts.

This is the time of reflection in our emotional cycle. So for emotional balance, do try & find the time to ponder what you’ve learned in the last few weeks and start to pull back and slow down to avoid burn out. The more we make reflection a priority, the more our actions will be truly effective as they will come from a place of greater self-understanding.
So keep this in mind as you journal & ask, ‘how have I encountered this before?’ (In this life or an alternate reality…let your mind wander to perceive the subtle perceptions that lie beyond the edge of reason.) The unending challenge for our small self is to stay centered rather than reactive so we can create the option to respond differently than we did the last time our soul was presented with this challenge. As such, every perpetrator is a gift…granting us an opportunity to change our fate, the trajectory of reality on which we travel.

Our inner selves are now being directed into Leo as Luna starts moving into the sign of the regal heart. Since the heart is our central energy center, this is a good time to come home to yourself…regardless of all the distractions the outer world has on offer. Show up for you and ask, ‘how are you?’ and really mean it & take time to hear the response. I have had visions of times past when temples were desecrated that honored the sacred and those who served were dragged through the streets by their hair and many who they served were too intimidated to intervene on their behalf.

Blessings on your day,