We are entering Void of Course today  meaning the moon is making no major aspects to other planets. This can feel a little like no mans land. As the moon moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius you may be  feeling low?  You are not alone. We are now in the final day of the lunar cycle, which is the low tide of our collective emotional cycle…regardless of our personal cycle.
For those who are sensitive to energies, you may notice you lack drive, enthusiasm for life & a bit bereft – feeling the darker shades on your mood colour wheel – the dark blues & greys. Our society banishes these emotional states as socially unacceptable & yet they are a part of the spectrum of feeling.
In fact, this week as we approach the new moon tomorrow in Sag – you may well feel blue – given Artemis, the Medicine Woman who corresponds to Sagittarius governs the throat chakra which is blue. She will often reconnect us with our vulnerabilities through feeling. If we block this expression of our softer side we often create illness through this suppression.
Feeling blue in the lead up to new moon can also be compounded but the despair of the collective…this feels quite strong as we approach 2020 which many intuit will usher in the further shift into the Aquarian Age. Whilst this will bring much needed positive change, we are witnessing the final act of life as we have known it.
These feelings are an invitation to return to the centre…the place beyond ‘good & bad’ – the place where we can sit with everything in acceptance without polarising into judgement.

Ironically Artemis is known as ‘Feather Woman’ & birds are sacred to her as she helps us to get a winged perspective of our hurts.
If you’d like to get better acquainted with your inner Artemis as we journey into her energy this week, you can read all about how we enact her myth in our own lives, as well as her psychological profile, strengths, lessons & processes to empower her issues in the Artemis chapter of my book, ‘The Inner Goddess Makeover’ as an
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Blessings on your day,