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The gravitational force of the moon affects the ocean tides. Since we’re 65% water, it has a huge effect on our moods, psyche & energy levels which rise and fall with the moon – I offer daily lunar guidance to help you ride the waves!


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  • lunar manifestation tips
  • practical suggestions to stay balanced during the polarities of new moon & full moon 

‘Wow! Again such wisdom’

Katerina Erol, New Zealand

‘Happiness is all I feel when I read your teachings.’

Tiffany Battic, Italy

‘Dead on for my life!’

Valorie Treloggen, California


Receive Tanishka’s daily lunar blog direct to your inbox


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  • More in depth insights every NEW MOON into the lessons being presented 
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  • Understanding into the seasonal shifts & the lessons they present us with
  • Insight into navigating solar & lunar full & partial eclipses
  • A fortnightly update on the transits of each planet that’s influencing us


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‘Your teachings have given me great knowledge.’

Imani Monteago Brooklyn, New York USA

‘Wow! Spot on! Your work is priceless!’

Maggie Brown, Australia

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20 reviews for Moon Woman Membership

  1. Tatum Roche

    I’m signing up for free daily moon updates – as the link suggested x
    Thank you

    • Tanishka, The Moon Woman

      Thanks Tatum…welcome!

  2. Sharon Yvonne Worrill


  3. Sharon Yvonne Washington Worrill


  4. Donna

    Namaste My Friend

  5. Donna

    Very excited to your readings every day

  6. Anne Marie

    Your explanation of this July blood moon in Aquarius was extremely helpful….. So much was coming up for me and everyone around me it was comforting to know how to integrate the changes happening. I also had extreme stomach bloating as if pregnant and I am well past menopause, On the lead up to the full moon which magically deflated the day after. It was hitting on my moon in Aquarius at 10 degrees in the 8th house not fun…. Everyone would benefit signing up for this wisdom and insight.
    Thank you

  7. Linda

    I am very excited to begin receiving the information she will offer each day!

  8. Michelle Riggio

    Very interesting thank you

  9. Michelle Riggio

    Much Appreciated

  10. Patricia McLean


  11. Deborah

    I love the honesty and love that runs beneath and throughout the lessons. So grateful for the daily wisdom!

  12. Brandy Hubbard

    Spot on so far! What a ride 2018 has been!

    • Tanishka, The Moon Woman

      Totally agree with you Brandy! One initiation to step up after another!

  13. michelle Way

    I like to work with the void moon now to take time to connect with my womb space.

  14. Ron

    Your article on the full moon is the best by far of other articles from other astrologers on full moons. I’ve been trying to find a good astrologer on the full moons, and I’ve found her…you. Thx.

    • Tanishka, The Moon Woman

      I’m so glad you found that helpful Ron. Thanks for your lovely feedback. Blessings, Tanishka

  15. Wofa Yaw manu


  16. Jude

    I found this insightful in this complex time!

    • Tanishka, The Moon Woman

      THanks for your comment Jude 🙂 Blessings, Tanishka

  17. micaelacash (verified owner)

    Look forward to reading you everyday!

    • Tanishka, The Moon Woman

      Thanks so much XO

  18. Darnette

    Always on point and very helpful

    • Tanishka, The Moon Woman

      Thanks Darnette XO


    very interesting indeed

  20. Gil


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