Moon in Gemini


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The moon governs our inner self and our inner child. So, as a child you probably loved pulling things apart to see how they worked and had a very curious mind so loved filling your mind with fun facts and learning about scientific discoveries.


moon in geminiYou love interesting facts

Since Gemini is an air sign you are very social and process by having conversations with those of like mind. If you can get in the habit of journalling regularly this will ensure you don’t unwittingly use others as a sounding board by talking at them.

You also like to know what’s going on so you may make a point of reading the news every morning or checking the planets. It’s important to learn to discern what information is okay to share and what is ‘not yours to share’ such as the private details of others’ lives.

Your challenge is to discern what’s true and what isn’t so if something sounds too good to be true, do more research! The best way to cut illusion is by developing your intuition so start noticing your first impressions and acting on those rather than believing everything you’re told by-so-called ‘experts’.


moon in gemini 2You may be prone to be prone to feeling anxious.

Especially when the moon moves through Gemini each month and this could result in insomnia.

So, this is the time each month to unplug devices after dark and spend time in nature to calm your nervous system. Doing a craft activity with your hands can also help to unwind your mind from overthinking.

Your challenge not to become emotionally dependent on others or life can feel like a series of dramas.

Once a year the new moon is in your natal lunar sign. This is your power window for manifestation.


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