Moon in Leo


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The moon governs our inner self and our inner child. So, as a child, you probably liked dressing up and putting on shows as Leo is the performer of the zodiac.


Moon in LeoYou take pride in your appearance

You like to look good so you often have a large wardrobe. Leo is larger than life, so your challenge is not to make mountains out of molehills and escalate drama…better to keep that on the stage where it belongs. You are highly creative so it’s important you have ample opportunity to express yourself creatively as this will boost your confidence, so you can shine your light in the world like the sun, the ruling planet of Leo.

You have a huge heart and love being generous with affection and gifts and appreciate this quality in others. Just be careful not to overspend – trust you are more than enough. You are also very romantic by nature so don’t forget to romance yourself with flowers and kindness rather than just wait for someone to woo you.


Moon in Leo

You are a big pussy cat..


So, you will have an affinity with cats and find them great companions who help to bring out your inner King / Queen as cats know they deserve to be treated well.

It’s important you surround yourself with people who celebrate your bigness rather than try to bring you down to a size they feel comfortable with. Optimistic by nature, you see the potential in every situation and can inspire others to follow their heart to create their dreams.

When your moon moves through Leo you may suffer a momentary crisis in confidence so remember, believe in yourself and others will too.

Once a year the new moon is in your natal lunar sign. This is your power window for manifestation.


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